Our mission is to grow and create wine based on ancient traditions and solid technical knowledge with a modern twist and in harmony with nature. Our wines are as long as possible made by hand and with a sustainable approach in respect of nature.

Quinta da Folgorosa and its sister company Vale de Cortem (www.vinhoscortem.com) creates authentic wines of Portugal. The wind from the Atlantic ocean is crucial in creating the character of these special wines.

Folgorosa focus mostly on traditional Portuguese character of wines but with an authentic modern approach in harmony with nature. Our leading guideline is RESPECT. Respect for old knowledge, respect for nature, respect for the people involved in our craft, respect for the customers.



Quinta da Folgorosa exists at least since 1711 when a “morgadio” was set by the Biker Correia family, but is probably much older. Since then it was totally committed to wine production, a tradition in this region.

By the beginning of the XIXth Century it was in the path of Napoleon on his way to take Lisbon. Being very close to the Lines of Torres Vedras forts it was a natural stage for military action. Lord Wellington visited this area and is quoted to have said that whites wines (based on Arinto grapes) from here were the best from Lisbon region. Later on it was the French Army who camped in our fields, from which we still keep the memory calling the camping area “Junot”, named after the French Marshal.

António Macieira, heir of the estate in the beginning of the XXth Century, was a very busy politician – minister, MP and President of the Parliament – but also a very passionate owner. Coming very often to be aware of the vine and wine condition, he increased the size of the estate buying some neighbour areas and planting new vineyards. He also hired Ernesto Korrodi, one of the most famous architect of that time, to draw the new house, built in 1910.

1980 is also an important date for Quinta da Folgorosa as it was the first harvest to be bottled. It was a red blend of several of the most important traditional varieties of this area. From the following harvest, 1981, the first bottled white wine was released.

Today, a new time is starting. New areas, increase in the production capacity and a strong focus on new markets are driving Quinta da Folgorosa to it’s most.



Folgorosa sits on the center of the Lisbon territory near the village of Dois Portos and everything about it ties back to the defining conditions of the region. Windy atlantic conditions create our special freshness and minerality in the wines. The proximity, only 25 km from the Atlantic Ocean and the nature of the soil itself allow for the creation of decidedly original wines, showing a refreshing natural acidity and a mineral character. Folgorosa’s almost 50 hectares of fields are on an altitude of between 200-300 m above sea level which also contributes to the cool surrondings.

  • 40 km north of Lisbon;
  • Vineyards under the influence of Atlantic climate;
  • Clay-limestone soils 200-300m above sea level
  • Mineral wines showing a refreshing natural acidity.



Our Vineyards and Grape Varieties

Quinta da Folgorosa has around 46 hectares of land and 41 hectare of vineyards.

The fields are all located around the village of Folgorosa at an altitude of 200-300 m. Our plantations spread from the middle of the northern slopes to the top of the hill and down the southern slope, allowing us to plant different grape varieties accordingly to their best.

Red grapes, 30 ha, are: Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Cabernet Sauvignon, Castelão, Syrah, Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional

White grapes, 11 ha, are: Arinto, Fernão Pires, Moscatel, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho, Viognier and Viosinho




 Diogo Pereira, José Melicias, Pedro da Cunha

José Melícias

Since ever linked with wine, in a family tradition and a personal love, José adds technical skills with a strong passion for Quinta da Folgorosa.

Diogo Pereira

A winemaker at its best – strong knowledge, market perception and a deep engagement to achieve the uniqueness for Folgorosa.

Pedro da Cunha

Years and years of experience, different regions and different vineyards, all these make Pedro our man on the fields!

João Martinho

Driving our machines on the vineyards or working in the winery with our wines, João is a man always present in Folgorosa’s daily life.

Thomas Lindeborg

A Swedish real estate investor turned passionate about Atlantic wines from Lisbon region, Thomas leads Quinta da Folgorosa bringing new goals and extra motivation to the whole team.